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My first Progressive Web App (PWA) - useful links.

In past year I made native Android apps and you can see a couple of small description from that project:

And very often I made site specially for mobile phone, for example:

But in this year I'm faced with my first Progressive Web App. This application can working offline and has some another interesting future.

Unfortunately russian invasion to Ukraine brake this project, I'm have to going out of Ukraine and project stopped. However I can show in this page a couple screen from key future of this application and I can collect useful links about PWA below.

1. Local Storage

Project working with Local Storage.

2. AsyncJS

Project uses asynchronous JS construction like Promise.

Also project used new JS future like Class.

And CryptoJS to move to server SHA256-hash of password.

3. ServiceWorker

Of course, main future of PWA is using ServiceWorker.


Database of this project is always present, this is interesting DB with actively using JSON processing into SQL.

Usually I'm handle XML inside SQL, see for example

But I never so far parse JSON inside SQL. And currently I have other project with parsing JSON inside SQL. Therefore I decide create separate page where I have collected useful links about SQL JSON SqlJson useful links.

5. EF composite key

Database for this project is always present and was be unusual. For example tables has composite key, so unique key can be compose only with combine a couple of tables. This is my first project where I create composite key.

6. Initialization ASP.NET DI container - DAL service, Swagger, CORS, AU, EF, SQL.

When I start this project it has some template, but initialization of ASP.NET DI container was be full incorrect. I have extract interface from DAL and inject DAL to controllers. Add Swagger, correct authentication, CORS policy and SQL and EF connection. This is my solution for correct init DI container.

7. Working with Claim.

I don't like store a lot of data into Claim, but offline application is another case. Therefore a lot of data I stored to Claim.

8. Working with custom Attributes and Reflection.

Project actively use Attributes to convert various data.

Unfortunately this part of project can not be finished. You can use way to use Attributes and special converting rules in this my articles

9. Pwa lecture and books

1. Build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from Scratch

2. Complete Progressive Web App Bootcamp

Wargo J. Learning Progressive Web Apps 2020

10. Related pages

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