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Virtualization on my developer computer (ASUS PRIME B550-PLUS, AMD AM4 Ryzen 7 5700G)

If you see on my site, you found a millions topic about virtualization.

This is only small brief:

Of course, usually we create virtual machine on server, but now I want to notice a couple words about virtualization on my developer's computer. Currently my motherboard support 64 GM RAM memory and this enough to any virtualization.

First point that virtualization is turn off by default on motherboard. And if you want to turn on virtualization you need manually torn on it, on my motherboard this is parameter SVM.

Also for beginners there is MS instruction about support virtualization on Windows - Enable virtualization on Windows 11 PCs.

But main point that not any virtualization software is working fine, But first warning, HAXM software not applicable to Razen.

Simplest and workable software is VirtualBox. This is common opportunity of VirtualBox.

Next step allow SSH access from local computer, because SSH support clipboard and mouse selection. This is more useful than console access. For make this need to forward port 22 to VirtualBox, in my case I forward port 22 from virtual machine to port 22222 on VirtualBox host. Of course SSH daemon need to allow tuning correctly.

Next main step is make bridge file between Windows host and virtual Ubuntu. Because usually clipboard don't working and any strong tuning, for example adding this command to command line is impossible.

So, this post contains cool recipe to do this Why can't I access a shared folder from within my Virtualbox machine?.

Usually you always enable SSH, by default SSH is disabled, you need only set up a couple of parameters in sshd_config.

What next? Next is reading perfect documentation embedded on VirtualBox, all described functions are working!

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