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Android Studio Requirements (vmx|sse|svm CPU flags)

This is official documentation and below my workflow steps to up and running Android Studio.

Firstly need to download studio, but without hope to success, only for receive instrument for checking possibility of start. Less probability for start in Windows, because for success development need to start HAXM. In linux no need to start this program, need to start only KVM, but success not guarantee even when KVM will be working successfully.

So, in Windows platform I try to start CheckTool, and receive this result.

Thats it. No need to turn off Hyper-V and more and more steps. No more spent time, finally result will be only Notepad.exe with small additional future from IntelliJ IDEA. No interesting at all this notepad implementation, because even Notepadd++ give more future.

Any attempt to set up Android studio will be produced only various errors like VCPU shutdown request or The emulator process was killed or Waiting for all target devices to come online or many other.

Next my attempt was be start Android studio in my liked Linux environment. Firstly need to start KVM. There are a number of way start it, manually add package (sudo zypper in kvm is the same as apt-get install kvm and sudo zypper ref is the same as apt-get update, from YAST as packages pattern or be YAST with automatically configured network.

YAST template you can see in first screen. It seems reasonably, but this is full wrong way !

This is rigth way !

But main point not in there. In any my Linux computers KVM working successfully, but Android studio working only as Notepad. Main point is SSSE bit of processor. For example in this my computer KVM working perfectly, but Android studio is not working at all. You can see below what emulator said.

And process info said:

So, unfortunately my liked Linux computer not support Android studio.

And go ahead! When I have understanding about processor bits finally I found in my home computer with this processor future. # egrep --color '(mmx|vmx|sse|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo

And next steps is simple Up and running Android studio

Interesting that most powerful and really multiprocessor computer by VmWare said nothing about processor future.

But Ubuntu-64 VM inside VmWare said about SSSE bit and instead VMX bit show MMX bit.

More info about CPU flags:

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