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5 way to create modal windows with Angular (Angular material, UIKit with toggle tag, UIKit with custom function, jQuery UI modal, Bootstrap modal).

There are a number Angular framework.

I have created admin panel for one of my project with Angular Material, than I decide change framework to UIKit, and this is a reason why this post wos born in my blog.

1.Angular material dialog.

So, firtly about Angular Material modal.

Common workflow to add Materal to your project is (sorry for screen only, I have no enough time today):

2.Uikit modal.

In this charter I made simple notice about https://getuikit.com/docs/modal, and this will be our finally goal.

Workflow is very similar to previous description wit Material, but of course we don't need Google Material, because we will use more advanced and clear framework - UIKit.

See more UIkit Modal Futures (uk-modal tag, Modal from routed page and from Menu, Modal Toggle, Modal Show, Bind by On, MouseOver Modal, Modal Alert, Modal Prompt, Close button).

3. jQuery UI modal.

We can use in Angular all functions from jQuery.

And than we can import jQuery UI https://jqueryui.com/dialog/, but if we use UIKit this looks as unneeded.

But even without jQueryUI, when we define $ we can use any useful jQuery functions, for example: .

5. Bootstrap modal.

Unfortunately, I have no time to details description about https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/modal/, but workflow is absolutely similar as above. Bootstrap use jQuery as engine and there is no need difference with previous charter.

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