(MVC) MVC (2015)

Social network for Canada with printed version of calendar to communities.

This project had be created my own CMS - Моя CMS для ASP.NET MVC. Sense of this project to create panorama of events in various separate community.

But main benefits of this project is opportunity of create printed version of events in each community. This is small description of schema creator program - Конструктор PDF-схем., below you may see web part to download PDF-file to printing.

This is external entering page of project.

After login user entering to one of the three cabinet. This is cabinet for ordinary user. He has opportunity to create event for his community. After event had created moderator of community will allow of forbid user's event. This is simplest cabinet.

Below you may see moderate cabinet. Additionally for ordinary user he has opportunity to allow or forbid event, correct events and ban user. Moderator has rights only in your community/

And below you may see a biggest and strongest cabinet - admin of site. It has right to move events forward or backward, set user moderate right and any needed right in all community. In this case admin leave message to user, create own event,, forbid additional foto to past event and little bit edit photo of upcoming event after moderate approve user's event.

This project I had finished succesfully.

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