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What is Amazon web services (AWS)

Time on time I write small shallow notes about various public web services I'm faced. This couple of my notes of this type, for example:

Currently time to estimate what is AWS.

1. Datacenter location

Firstly this is bunch of datacenters in various parts of world:

2. Services.

This is full list of Amazon services and description of services.

3. Documentation.

Amazon contains 124 video tutorials

Amazon contains about 50 various SDK, tools and plugins for developers".

I'm .NET developer, therefore main lonk for me is AWS SDK for .NET".

There are a lot of description to access to various special function of AWS, for example from this portal AWS SDK for .NET Documentation.

Torrents also contains a lot of video tutorials, you can see names in screen below and search this names in torrents. Typical tutorial contains 100 video. Also torrents contains a lot of books, for example first book contains 231 pages, but second book 650 pages.

So, as you can see - information more than enough.

4. Price.

But I want to make finally remark. Amazon services is expensive, maybe this is most expensive hosting (web panel) in the world (except Azure). For example database instance with 4 GB memory and processors has cost $570 per month.

How many expensive? This is main question. My estimate that AWS more expensive as simple rent server at least 10-20 times. Look for price of servers with 256 GB memory and 12 cores.

Whole huge server from Hetzner has price 5 time less than one small virtual machine from Amazon. Ups !!!

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