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SQL Server 2014 Object list (tab view)

Aggregate, Application Role, Assembly, Asymmetric Key, Broker Priority, Certificate, Check Constraint, CLR Database Trigger, CLR Instead Of Trigger, CLR Procedure, CLR Scalar Function, CLR Server Trigger, CLR Table Function, CLR Trigger, ColumnStore Index, Contract, Credential, Cryptographic Provider, Custom Message, Database Audit Specification, Database Encryption Key, Database Role, Database Scoped Credential, Database Trigger, Default Constraint, Default, Endpoint (ServiceBroker over TCP), Endpoint (SOAP over HTTP), Event Notification, Event Session, Extended Property, External Data Source, External File Format, External Table, File, FileGroup MemOpt, FileGroup With Filestream, FileGroup, FileTable, Foreign Key, Full Text Stoplist, Fulltext Catalog, Fulltext Index, Index, Inline Function, Instead Of Trigger, Linked Server Login, Linked Server, Log File, Login SqlServer, Login, Master Key, Message Type, Partition Function, Partition Scheme, Primary Key, Procedure NativeComp, Procedure, Queue, Remote Service Binding, Route, Rule, Scalar Function, Schema, Script Build, Script, Search Property List, Security Policy, Selective XML Index, Sequence, Server Audit Specification, Server Audit, Server Role, Server Trigger, Service, Signature, Spatial Index, Statistics, Svr Role Membership, Symmetric Key, Synonym, Table Function, Table MemOpt with Filegroup, Table MemOpt, Table SysVersioned, Table, Trigger, Type, Unique Key, User Defined Table Type MemOpt, User Defined Table Type, User with Password, User, User-defined Type, View, XML Index, XML Schema Collection (xsd).vstemplate, XML Schema Collection

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