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HttpClient with JSON communication to server with avoid check SSL-certificates chain

I have a numbers of various own library to extend and tune standard HttpClient, for example Simplest VB.NET WebApi2 client for RESTful microServices documented by Swagger/OpenAPI., in this page I want to describe another one.

This client can be used for communication between frontend and backend. Full code has been published to github https://github.com/Alex-1347/SmartHttpClient, Client allow to create right JSON request to server (first screen), instead wrong in second screen, allow GET/POST/DELETE request to server and also can be working in developer mode with localhost and other wrong SSL certificates. Certificate checking can be turn ON/OFF in site config.

I use a lot of forks of this module, for example, fork below has a couple of difference, (1) it really use DELETE request instead GET, and secondary it use additional overloading for more complex JSON with 2 level hierarchy.

DELETE request in IIS has a lot of restriction and simplest way don't use it at all, but if you want, its possible to allow it. As first step need to delete WebDav module (in IIS and project config).

Than allow DELETE request in ExtensionlessUrlHandler-Integrated-4.0 module (of course check first what module use your site).

Unfortunately in many case it's not enough, IIS still don't allow DELETE request.

Second fork is overloading JSON creating, to support hierarchy instead simple plain JSON.

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