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Use SignalRSwaggerGen to create Swagger specification of SignalR hub

I'm faced with useful package https://github.com/Dorin-Mocan/SignalRSwaggerGen what allow me create Swagger json of my SignalR hub and allow me generate client to my SignalR hub.

To integrate this package instead normal Swagger (what allow created specification only from ApiController inherited from ControllerBase) need to do 3 step.

For debugging SignalR hub I use parameters How to debug SignalR application in Net Core 3.1

And for debugging I use Use Fiddler as reverse proxy to isolate microservice for trace request from Redux frontend and to Amazon DynamoDB and debug SignalR hub

More example with SignalR Use SqlServiceBroker to send notification with SignalR.

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Link to this page: //www.vb-net.com/SignalRSwaggerGen/Index.htm