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Scaffolding Angular Client From Swagger.json

I have uploaded this project to Github https://github.com/Alex-1557/ScaffoldingAngularClentFromSwagger.

This is input of this project

Result is Angular client to allow perform each backend Api in each controllers, you can see it in http://www.cryptochest.io:130.

In my case I have 168 Angular components

and each API has a lot of parameters

Each input Api parameters we need to accuracy processing in *.TS file.

And than repeats this job 168 times (without any syntax mistakes!). This is impossible job to do this manually. Therefore I have created this project to build Angular front automatically.

Also this project produced two additional files needed for Angular client.

And components list you need to insert to app.modules.ts

Project has a two minor bugs, not exactly a bugs, little bit inaccuracy, but sorry I have no more time for this job, because this inaccuracy can fix so simple with CS Code intellisence.

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Link to this page: http://www.vb-net.com/ScaffoldingAngularClentFromSwagger/Index.htm