(MVC) MVC (2015)

Project with online auction.

This is project for E-commerce with online TV-auction. Screenshot for separated auction component please see in page - Компонент Auction.. Screenshot below I show without auction component, because temporary flex is not available in my computer. This project had be created my own CMS - Моя CMS для ASP.NET MVC.

Unfortunately, owner of this project is disappear (with my own server) and was not send me all contents material for your project and this project I had stopped.

This project has 5 part ( auction is sixth component). First part - external part for unlogged user.

Below I entering to close part of site, I entering with special developer login that has right to four type of user's cabinet.

Below you may see five type user's cabinet.

This is user's cabinet for second types.

This is user's cabinet for third types.

This is user's cabinet for forth types.

This is last types user's cabinet.

And this is separate TV component of this project to translation auction Live Stream.


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