(LINUX) LINUX (2021)

Set up QEMU/KVM storage pool (define, build, start, autostart and using)

This is finally result of my disk definition.

Pool need to (1) define, (2) build, (3) start, (4) autostart. Than define disks (disk partitution) inside pool for VM.

And finally disk can be used by VM.

Measure performance:

Virsh commands:

   1:  Grouped commands:
   3:   Domain Management (help keyword 'domain'):
   4:      attach-device                  attach device from an XML file
   5:      attach-disk                    attach disk device
   6:      attach-interface               attach network interface
   7:      autostart                      autostart a domain
   8:      blkdeviotune                   Set or query a block device I/O tuning parameters.
   9:      blkiotune                      Get or set blkio parameters
  10:      blockcommit                    Start a block commit operation.
  11:      blockcopy                      Start a block copy operation.
  12:      blockjob                       Manage active block operations
  13:      blockpull                      Populate a disk from its backing image.
  14:      blockresize                    Resize block device of domain.
  15:      change-media                   Change media of CD or floppy drive
  16:      console                        connect to the guest console
  17:      cpu-stats                      show domain cpu statistics
  18:      create                         create a domain from an XML file
  19:      define                         define (but don't start) a domain from an XML file
  20:      desc                           show or set domain's description or title
  21:      destroy                        destroy (stop) a domain
  22:      detach-device                  detach device from an XML file
  23:      detach-device-alias            detach device from an alias
  24:      detach-disk                    detach disk device
  25:      detach-interface               detach network interface
  26:      domdisplay                     domain display connection URI
  27:      domfsfreeze                    Freeze domain's mounted filesystems.
  28:      domfsthaw                      Thaw domain's mounted filesystems.
  29:      domfsinfo                      Get information of domain's mounted filesystems.
  30:      domfstrim                      Invoke fstrim on domain's mounted filesystems.
  31:      domhostname                    print the domain's hostname
  32:      domid                          convert a domain name or UUID to domain id
  33:      domif-setlink                  set link state of a virtual interface
  34:      domiftune                      get/set parameters of a virtual interface
  35:      domjobabort                    abort active domain job
  36:      domjobinfo                     domain job information
  37:      domname                        convert a domain id or UUID to domain name
  38:      domrename                      rename a domain
  39:      dompmsuspend                   suspend a domain gracefully using power management functions
  40:      dompmwakeup                    wakeup a domain from pmsuspended state
  41:      domuuid                        convert a domain name or id to domain UUID
  42:      domxml-from-native             Convert native config to domain XML
  43:      domxml-to-native               Convert domain XML to native config
  44:      dump                           dump the core of a domain to a file for analysis
  45:      dumpxml                        domain information in XML
  46:      edit                           edit XML configuration for a domain
  47:      event                          Domain Events
  48:      inject-nmi                     Inject NMI to the guest
  49:      iothreadinfo                   view domain IOThreads
  50:      iothreadpin                    control domain IOThread affinity
  51:      iothreadadd                    add an IOThread to the guest domain
  52:      iothreadset                    modifies an existing IOThread of the guest domain
  53:      iothreaddel                    delete an IOThread from the guest domain
  54:      send-key                       Send keycodes to the guest
  55:      send-process-signal            Send signals to processes
  56:      lxc-enter-namespace            LXC Guest Enter Namespace
  57:      managedsave                    managed save of a domain state
  58:      managedsave-remove             Remove managed save of a domain
  59:      managedsave-edit               edit XML for a domain's managed save state file
  60:      managedsave-dumpxml            Domain information of managed save state file in XML
  61:      managedsave-define             redefine the XML for a domain's managed save state file
  62:      memtune                        Get or set memory parameters
  63:      perf                           Get or set perf event
  64:      metadata                       show or set domain's custom XML metadata
  65:      migrate                        migrate domain to another host
  66:      migrate-setmaxdowntime         set maximum tolerable downtime
  67:      migrate-getmaxdowntime         get maximum tolerable downtime
  68:      migrate-compcache              get/set compression cache size
  69:      migrate-setspeed               Set the maximum migration bandwidth
  70:      migrate-getspeed               Get the maximum migration bandwidth
  71:      migrate-postcopy               Switch running migration from pre-copy to post-copy
  72:      numatune                       Get or set numa parameters
  73:      qemu-attach                    QEMU Attach
  74:      qemu-monitor-command           QEMU Monitor Command
  75:      qemu-monitor-event             QEMU Monitor Events
  76:      qemu-agent-command             QEMU Guest Agent Command
  77:      guest-agent-timeout            Set the guest agent timeout
  78:      reboot                         reboot a domain
  79:      reset                          reset a domain
  80:      restore                        restore a domain from a saved state in a file
  81:      resume                         resume a domain
  82:      save                           save a domain state to a file
  83:      save-image-define              redefine the XML for a domain's saved state file
  84:      save-image-dumpxml             saved state domain information in XML
  85:      save-image-edit                edit XML for a domain's saved state file
  86:      schedinfo                      show/set scheduler parameters
  87:      screenshot                     take a screenshot of a current domain console and store it into a file
  88:      set-lifecycle-action           change lifecycle actions
  89:      set-user-password              set the user password inside the domain
  90:      setmaxmem                      change maximum memory limit
  91:      setmem                         change memory allocation
  92:      setvcpus                       change number of virtual CPUs
  93:      shutdown                       gracefully shutdown a domain
  94:      start                          start a (previously defined) inactive domain
  95:      suspend                        suspend a domain
  96:      ttyconsole                     tty console
  97:      undefine                       undefine a domain
  98:      update-device                  update device from an XML file
  99:      vcpucount                      domain vcpu counts
 100:      vcpuinfo                       detailed domain vcpu information
 101:      vcpupin                        control or query domain vcpu affinity
 102:      emulatorpin                    control or query domain emulator affinity
 103:      vncdisplay                     vnc display
 104:      guestvcpus                     query or modify state of vcpu in the guest (via agent)
 105:      setvcpu                        attach/detach vcpu or groups of threads
 106:      domblkthreshold                set the threshold for block-threshold event for a given block device or it's backing chain element
 107:      guestinfo                      query information about the guest (via agent)
 109:   Domain Monitoring (help keyword 'monitor'):
 110:      domblkerror                    Show errors on block devices
 111:      domblkinfo                     domain block device size information
 112:      domblklist                     list all domain blocks
 113:      domblkstat                     get device block stats for a domain
 114:      domcontrol                     domain control interface state
 115:      domif-getlink                  get link state of a virtual interface
 116:      domifaddr                      Get network interfaces' addresses for a running domain
 117:      domiflist                      list all domain virtual interfaces
 118:      domifstat                      get network interface stats for a domain
 119:      dominfo                        domain information
 120:      dommemstat                     get memory statistics for a domain
 121:      domstate                       domain state
 122:      domstats                       get statistics about one or multiple domains
 123:      domtime                        domain time
 124:      list                           list domains
 126:   Host and Hypervisor (help keyword 'host'):
 127:      allocpages                     Manipulate pages pool size
 128:      capabilities                   capabilities
 129:      cpu-baseline                   compute baseline CPU
 130:      cpu-compare                    compare host CPU with a CPU described by an XML file
 131:      cpu-models                     CPU models
 132:      domcapabilities                domain capabilities
 133:      freecell                       NUMA free memory
 134:      freepages                      NUMA free pages
 135:      hostname                       print the hypervisor hostname
 136:      hypervisor-cpu-baseline        compute baseline CPU usable by a specific hypervisor
 137:      hypervisor-cpu-compare         compare a CPU with the CPU created by a hypervisor on the host
 138:      maxvcpus                       connection vcpu maximum
 139:      node-memory-tune               Get or set node memory parameters
 140:      nodecpumap                     node cpu map
 141:      nodecpustats                   Prints cpu stats of the node.
 142:      nodeinfo                       node information
 143:      nodememstats                   Prints memory stats of the node.
 144:      nodesuspend                    suspend the host node for a given time duration
 145:      sysinfo                        print the hypervisor sysinfo
 146:      uri                            print the hypervisor canonical URI
 147:      version                        show version
 149:   Checkpoint (help keyword 'checkpoint'):
 150:      checkpoint-create              Create a checkpoint from XML
 151:      checkpoint-create-as           Create a checkpoint from a set of args
 152:      checkpoint-delete              Delete a domain checkpoint
 153:      checkpoint-dumpxml             Dump XML for a domain checkpoint
 154:      checkpoint-edit                edit XML for a checkpoint
 155:      checkpoint-info                checkpoint information
 156:      checkpoint-list                List checkpoints for a domain
 157:      checkpoint-parent              Get the name of the parent of a checkpoint
 159:   Interface (help keyword 'interface'):
 160:      iface-begin                    create a snapshot of current interfaces settings, which can be later committed (iface-commit) or restored (iface-rollback)
 161:      iface-bridge                   create a bridge device and attach an existing network device to it
 162:      iface-commit                   commit changes made since iface-begin and free restore point
 163:      iface-define                   define an inactive persistent physical host interface or modify an existing persistent one from an XML file
 164:      iface-destroy                  destroy a physical host interface (disable it / "if-down")
 165:      iface-dumpxml                  interface information in XML
 166:      iface-edit                     edit XML configuration for a physical host interface
 167:      iface-list                     list physical host interfaces
 168:      iface-mac                      convert an interface name to interface MAC address
 169:      iface-name                     convert an interface MAC address to interface name
 170:      iface-rollback                 rollback to previous saved configuration created via iface-begin
 171:      iface-start                    start a physical host interface (enable it / "if-up")
 172:      iface-unbridge                 undefine a bridge device after detaching its device(s)
 173:      iface-undefine                 undefine a physical host interface (remove it from configuration)
 175:   Network Filter (help keyword 'filter'):
 176:      nwfilter-define                define or update a network filter from an XML file
 177:      nwfilter-dumpxml               network filter information in XML
 178:      nwfilter-edit                  edit XML configuration for a network filter
 179:      nwfilter-list                  list network filters
 180:      nwfilter-undefine              undefine a network filter
 181:      nwfilter-binding-create        create a network filter binding from an XML file
 182:      nwfilter-binding-delete        delete a network filter binding
 183:      nwfilter-binding-dumpxml       network filter information in XML
 184:      nwfilter-binding-list          list network filter bindings
 186:   Networking (help keyword 'network'):
 187:      net-autostart                  autostart a network
 188:      net-create                     create a network from an XML file
 189:      net-define                     define an inactive persistent virtual network or modify an existing persistent one from an XML file
 190:      net-destroy                    destroy (stop) a network
 191:      net-dhcp-leases                print lease info for a given network
 192:      net-dumpxml                    network information in XML
 193:      net-edit                       edit XML configuration for a network
 194:      net-event                      Network Events
 195:      net-info                       network information
 196:      net-list                       list networks
 197:      net-name                       convert a network UUID to network name
 198:      net-start                      start a (previously defined) inactive network
 199:      net-undefine                   undefine a persistent network
 200:      net-update                     update parts of an existing network's configuration
 201:      net-uuid                       convert a network name to network UUID
 202:      net-port-list                  list network ports
 203:      net-port-create                create a network port from an XML file
 204:      net-port-dumpxml               network port information in XML
 205:      net-port-delete                delete the specified network port
 207:   Node Device (help keyword 'nodedev'):
 208:      nodedev-create                 create a device defined by an XML file on the node
 209:      nodedev-destroy                destroy (stop) a device on the node
 210:      nodedev-detach                 detach node device from its device driver
 211:      nodedev-dumpxml                node device details in XML
 212:      nodedev-list                   enumerate devices on this host
 213:      nodedev-reattach               reattach node device to its device driver
 214:      nodedev-reset                  reset node device
 215:      nodedev-event                  Node Device Events
 217:   Secret (help keyword 'secret'):
 218:      secret-define                  define or modify a secret from an XML file
 219:      secret-dumpxml                 secret attributes in XML
 220:      secret-event                   Secret Events
 221:      secret-get-value               Output a secret value
 222:      secret-list                    list secrets
 223:      secret-set-value               set a secret value
 224:      secret-undefine                undefine a secret
 226:   Snapshot (help keyword 'snapshot'):
 227:      snapshot-create                Create a snapshot from XML
 228:      snapshot-create-as             Create a snapshot from a set of args
 229:      snapshot-current               Get or set the current snapshot
 230:      snapshot-delete                Delete a domain snapshot
 231:      snapshot-dumpxml               Dump XML for a domain snapshot
 232:      snapshot-edit                  edit XML for a snapshot
 233:      snapshot-info                  snapshot information
 234:      snapshot-list                  List snapshots for a domain
 235:      snapshot-parent                Get the name of the parent of a snapshot
 236:      snapshot-revert                Revert a domain to a snapshot
 238:   Backup (help keyword 'backup'):
 239:      backup-begin                   Start a disk backup of a live domain
 240:      backup-dumpxml                 Dump XML for an ongoing domain block backup job
 242:   Storage Pool (help keyword 'pool'):
 243:      find-storage-pool-sources-as   find potential storage pool sources
 244:      find-storage-pool-sources      discover potential storage pool sources
 245:      pool-autostart                 autostart a pool
 246:      pool-build                     build a pool
 247:      pool-create-as                 create a pool from a set of args
 248:      pool-create                    create a pool from an XML file
 249:      pool-define-as                 define a pool from a set of args
 250:      pool-define                    define an inactive persistent storage pool or modify an existing persistent one from an XML file
 251:      pool-delete                    delete a pool
 252:      pool-destroy                   destroy (stop) a pool
 253:      pool-dumpxml                   pool information in XML
 254:      pool-edit                      edit XML configuration for a storage pool
 255:      pool-info                      storage pool information
 256:      pool-list                      list pools
 257:      pool-name                      convert a pool UUID to pool name
 258:      pool-refresh                   refresh a pool
 259:      pool-start                     start a (previously defined) inactive pool
 260:      pool-undefine                  undefine an inactive pool
 261:      pool-uuid                      convert a pool name to pool UUID
 262:      pool-event                     Storage Pool Events
 263:      pool-capabilities              storage pool capabilities
 265:   Storage Volume (help keyword 'volume'):
 266:      vol-clone                      clone a volume.
 267:      vol-create-as                  create a volume from a set of args
 268:      vol-create                     create a vol from an XML file
 269:      vol-create-from                create a vol, using another volume as input
 270:      vol-delete                     delete a vol
 271:      vol-download                   download volume contents to a file
 272:      vol-dumpxml                    vol information in XML
 273:      vol-info                       storage vol information
 274:      vol-key                        returns the volume key for a given volume name or path
 275:      vol-list                       list vols
 276:      vol-name                       returns the volume name for a given volume key or path
 277:      vol-path                       returns the volume path for a given volume name or key
 278:      vol-pool                       returns the storage pool for a given volume key or path
 279:      vol-resize                     resize a vol
 280:      vol-upload                     upload file contents to a volume
 281:      vol-wipe                       wipe a vol
 283:   Virsh itself (help keyword 'virsh'):
 284:      cd                             change the current directory
 285:      echo                           echo arguments
 286:      exit                           quit this interactive terminal
 287:      help                           print help
 288:      pwd                            print the current directory
 289:      quit                           quit this interactive terminal
 290:      connect                        (re)connect to hypervisor

Pool definition:

   1:  <pool type='disk'>
   2:    <name>dsk-b</name>
   3:    <source>
   4:      <device path='/dev/sdb'/>
   5:      <format type='gpt'/>
   6:    </source>
   7:    <target>
   8:      <path>/dev</path>
   9:    </target>
  10:  </pool>

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