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Windows installers - Nuget package manager, MSIX packaging tool, MSIX hero, VS WAP deploy (AppInstaller tag)

This is small addition to my post Windows installers (VS installer, Wix, MakeMsi, InnoSetup, Nsis) about WIndows Installer technologies. Sorry, I have no time, therefore only screens.

6. Nuget package manager

NuGet Package Explorer.

7. MSIX packaging tool

This is something Microsoft tool MSIX Packaging Tool. What this is fucking tool I don't know, I can no right for installation this fucking tool in any my available windows computers. And what Microsoft hide from me is not interesting at all, because there are a lot of full free and high quality installation software, even in the same engine msix-packaging (maybe without GUI).

8. MSIX hero.

Cool and powerful installation tool https://msixhero.net/.

9. Visual Studio WAP installer for Windows 10 (UWP).

Set up your desktop application for MSIX packaging in Visual Studio. Please be carefully with using in practice any Microsoft program, as usually in next Windows version this installer and any other Microsoft program will not be compatible and not will work.

And finally simple remark about Appinstaller tag.

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