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Freedom with cryptocurrency (4 simple step with Huobi).

I'm Ukrainian citizenship and currently live in Bulgaria. Bulgarian bank low is painful and Bulgarian banks usually create any possible obstacles to open USD bank account, at least require full documents for real estate and contract to any tiny money transfer. Of course, this is not fit to workflow of freelance programmer. On Huobi I need only one my Ukrainian driver license and video with my face, at common this is enough to my identification for policy on any country in the world, I don't understand why Bulgarian bank need more.

1. Create account, make identification, bind any bank card to account.

So, to start working with cryptocurrency in Huobi need to pass 3 times (!!!) the same identification (Driver license + Video) and bind any plastic card to your account. Additionally, usually any login will be comfortable if you use Google authentication, Huobi use 3FA and one of default identification id GoogleAuthenticator.

2. Select correct cryptoaddress.

Cryptocurrency has a lot of coin and a lot of trons, we need to select correct address to your partners.

3. Transfer money from spot account to fiat.

Little bit difficult to understanding that money after your partner transfer it to you automatically appears on spot account, therefore first step if you want to receive money to your bank card, you need to transfer money from spot account to fiat account.

4. Sell USDT on P2P market.

Than we can going to P2P part of Huobi and select any peoples with proposal you need (in my case this is transfer to scrill).

At this point there are two case. In some case money successfully received to you account and you no need something other, except confirmation of receiving money, of course.

In second case you partner receive warning about impossible to transfer money to you. And you receive warning about cryptocurrency is illegal.

In this case you need to create request for money and select direct link to you partner.

And confirm order only after you Huobi partner directly pay your request.

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