(NOTES) NOTES (2023)

List of my small freelance project 2023

In this year I done a lot of small freelance projects. Unfortunately I can not listed all of them, some project I made with NDA and some project I made not from my own account. This is a couple of short projects I can list and projects what I can not mention in other my topics.

1. Solve issue with CISCO phone.

Project successfully finished technically and financially.

2. Refactoring desktop application with embedded Excel.

Project successfully finished technically and financially.

3. Tune Auron message bus and write trigger for delivery.

Project interrupted because customer unexpectedly disappear.

4. WebScrapper based on Library Puppeteer.

Huge NET CORE 6 project with about 10 thousands code line, but core of this code can not started, headless browser don't opened as expected. There are no any feedback from author of this package. Project interrupted from my initiative.

5. Android application for Truck broker.

Project interrupted because customer has no enough money.

6. Windows desktop program for VoIP telephony.

This is Instruction for customer for first version.


7. Payment gateway.

Project with NDA, this is Liqpay requirement for customer.

8. Various modification ancient ASP projects.

For example this is only one point, adding sorting to table. This is IIFE sorting script https://github.com/AAlex-11/LetsRememberJsFuture/blob/main/Html/IIFE-SortTable.html

And millions other bug fixing like this.

...to be continue soon ...

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