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Access Uploader and multipart/form-data parser for ASP Classic.

A couple of last year I mostly programming of TypeScript and JavaScript, but I still like Visual Basic and still believe that VB is most productive and successful programming language on whole history of computer era. This is one reason, why fucking Microsoft try to kill this fantastic language, because Visual Basic is not a just standard stupid ECMA language, VB.NET is result of deep scientific research and performance of programming on VB.NET much more that on any other programming language. This is only one reason why fucking Microsoft killed this language Why Microsoft vilified Visual Basic ?. Any other programming language (like Kotlin and TypeScript) is only pathetic likeness of awesome of unique and irresistible Visual Basic.

I can firmly assure you that all my job on Blazor during whole year I can made during one week on Visual Basic. Therefore smart and economical customer sill ordered new software on Visual Basic.

And below you can see one of my program on VB.NET. This is fast project for 2 day and then customer will develop it more and more.

Unfortunately I have no free time for detail description of this project, therefore I can only show core of code of this project https://github.com/Alex-1347/AccessCsvUploader

Fuck Microsoft and we still will use VB.NET for any kinds of modern web projects !!! Happy programming on VB.NET !!!

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