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Up and runnig Redis and Redsmin

I use a lot of various cache technology. for example read this my topic How Linux Net Core 3.1 daemon (in VB.NET) can read/write data from/to ancient MS SQL 2005, this is my own implementation of cached WCF server, but in this topic I show simplest way to up and running own cache server for various purposes.

Install redis

# sudo apt install redis-server
# sudo systemctl enable redis-server.service

set config

# sudo vim /etc/redis/redis.conf

And bind Redis to any address (in fact expose it to inet), set password and max-memory limit. I recommend you set limit as a half of RAM.

# maxmemory 2gb
# maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru
# bind
# requirepass kiYBi7aufl4MILv1nxBqR4L6NNz

Than restart it, check port and memory.

# sudo systemctl restart redis
# sudo systemctl status redis
# sudo netstat -lnp | grep redis

Next step going inside and check how it working.

# redis-cli
#> auth kiYBi7aufl4MILv1nxBqR4L6NNz
#> ping
#> set test "It's working!"
#> get test
It's working!
#> info
#> exit

If you want connect GUI admin panel with intellisense than best way is use https://app.redsmin.com/, it's very simple even no need to install something locally to you machine, because this is lightweight javascript GUI. Even no need to approve you email, one click and you can add connectionstring to you javascript GUI panel.

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