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My project for ЦППК РЖД (central-ppk.ru)

This is big and interesting project with many separate parts. One parts was a many various parsers to create timetable from separate documents in various formats. Second parts is set a geo-coordinates of all railways station in Moscow regions. Third parts is calculating distance between station. All this data had accumulate in DB. Fourth part is payment gateway. Fifth part is website, you see some screen below (this is developer version in my server in temporary domain). And another final part is WebService to receive data from created DB to ticket kiosk.

This project has not details description in my site, except one page Хранение в MS SQL сетевой топологии и отборы маршрутов рекурсивными CTE-процедурами.

In other side, because kiosk payment software was not a .NET Framework software, in this year I create more experiments with various client to my web-services and as a result I wrote this topic Как сделать SOAP/WSDL-вебсервис на ASP.NET/MONO для вызова его из FLEX. And I had many discussion about SOAP/WSDL services with other developers and also in that times I had written this articles - SOAP/WSDL vs XML data exchange.

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