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Prepare Window 2019 server for hosting Classic ASP.NET

This task I will be doing from Linux machine, so first step is connect Linux computer to VPN.

Second small challenge is connect from Linux to Windows by RDP. The point is the default RDP gateway transport type is wrong. Need to set RPC security.

So, I'm inside.

But I have a lot of challenge. First. If I type LPKSETUP, I see that main server language is RUSSIAN, in this case .NET Framework was enabled as a system component and Russian language languages pack can not be deleted in any case.

So, any my attempt to delete Russian languages will be impossible and any error in any case I will see in Russian. This is bad and useless practice to fix various site issue.

Next step is forbid annoying autostart of server manager.

Next little challenge is install Firefox, because server usually has preinstalled IE and this is doing impossible to install various software to server.

In my case I also have preinstalled Yandex search engine from fucking Russia.

So, I have install Firefox and now I can install any software to server. Because copy-past to desktop from Linux is not working, my first third-party software id FileZilla server and Notepad++ to edit various files

So, it's time to tune server. And my first step is install IIS.

Next step is allow access to Machine config. I perform special script to do that and check machine.config and aspnet.config manually.

Next step is tune site. First step is select Pool. In my case this will be NET 4.0

Usually site was not start without efforts therefore I have add trace for binding. This making more details error message.

Main point, of course, is allow more details error in config.

IIS has a lot of additional modules, not listed above in server manager. Main additional module is URL-Rewriter. Therefore next step is install URL rewriter.

Usually site never start simple, without efforts, I'm faced with a lot of various issues from encoding to web.config to X86/X64 BadImageFormat. In this case, in this server I'm faced with X86/X64 BadImageFormat Exception.

To overcome this exception need to do:

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