1 3ddiag A Tool to Verify the 3D Configuration
2 ConsoleKit System daemon for tracking users, sessions and seats
3 ConsoleKit-x11 System daemon for tracking users, sessions and seats
4 DirectFB Graphics Library for Framebuffer Devices
5 IlmBase Base library for ILM software (OpenEXR)
6 ImageMagick Viewer and Converter for Images
7 LibVNCServer VNC Development Library
8 Mesa Mesa is a 3-D graphics library with an API which is very sim->
9 ModemManager DBus interface for modem handling
10 MozillaFirefox Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
11 MozillaFirefox-branding-upstream Upstream branding for MozillaFirefox
12 NetworkManager Network Link Manager and User Applications
13 NetworkManager-glib Libraries for adding NetworkManager support to applications ->
14 NetworkManager-kde4 NetworkManager client for KDE 4
15 NetworkManager-kde4-lang NetworkManager client for KDE 4
16 NetworkManager-kde4-libs NetworkManager client for KDE 4
17 OpenEXR Library to Handle EXR Pictures in 16-Bit Floating-Point Format
18 OpenOffice_org A Free Office Suite (Framework)
19 OpenOffice_org-Quickstarter Quickstarter
20 OpenOffice_org-branding-upstream Original Branding for
21 OpenOffice_org-calc Calc
22 OpenOffice_org-components Components
23 OpenOffice_org-draw Draw
24 OpenOffice_org-filters Import and Export Filters for
25 OpenOffice_org-icon-themes Icon Themes for
26 OpenOffice_org-impress Impress
27 OpenOffice_org-kde KDE Extensions for
28 OpenOffice_org-l10n-extras Extras
29 OpenOffice_org-libs-core Core Libraries
30 OpenOffice_org-libs-extern External Libraries
31 OpenOffice_org-libs-gui GUI Libraries
32 OpenOffice_org-templates-labels-a4 A4 Size Label Templates for
33 OpenOffice_org-templates-labels-letter Letter Size Label Templates for
34 OpenOffice_org-ure UNO Runtime Environment
35 OpenOffice_org-writer Writer and Web
36 PackageKit Simple software installation management software
37 PolicyKit Authorization Toolkit
38 PolicyKit-doc Documentation for PolicyKit
39 PolicyKit-kde PolicyKit Authentication Agent for KDE
40 SDL Simple DirectMedia Layer Library
41 SuSEfirewall2 Stateful Packet Filter Using iptables and netfilter
42 a2ps Converts ASCII Text into PostScript
43 aaa_base SUSE Linux Base Package
44 acl Commands for Manipulating POSIX Access Control Lists
45 acpid Executes Actions at ACPI Events
46 adaptec-firmware Firmware files for Adaptec SAS Cards (AIC94xx Series)
47 akregator RSS Feed Reader
48 alsa Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
49 alsa-firmware Firmware Data Files for ALSA
50 alsa-oss ALSA-OSS Wrapper
51 alsa-plugins-pulse Pulseaudio Plug-In for the ALSA Library
52 alsa-utils Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Utilities
53 amarok Media Player for KDE
54 amarok-lang Languages for package amarok
55 apparmor-parser AppArmor userlevel parser utility
56 apparmor-profiles AppArmor profiles that are loaded into the apparmor kernel m->
57 apparmor-utils AppArmor User-Level Utilities Useful for Creating AppArmor P->
58 ark KDE Archiver Tool
59 aspell A Free and Open Source Spell Checker
60 aspell-de A German Dictionary for ASpell
61 aspell-en An English Dictionary for ASpell
62 atk An Accessibility ToolKit
63 atmel-firmware Firmware for Atmel at76c50x Wireless Network Chips
64 attr Commands for Manipulating Extended Attributes
65 audiofile An Audio File Library
66 audit User Space Tools for 2.6 Kernel Auditing
67 audit-libs Dynamic library for libaudit
68 autofs A Kernel-Based Automounter
69 autoyast2-installation YaST2 - Auto Installation Modules
70 avahi D-BUS Service for Zeroconf and Bonjour
71 awesfx SoundFont Utilities for SB AWE32/64 and Emu10k1 Drivers
72 b43-fwcutter Tool for extracting firmware from newer Broadcom WLAN drivers
73 bash The GNU Bourne-Again Shell
74 bc GNU Command Line Calculator
75 bind-libs Shared libraries of BIND
76 bind-utils Utilities to query and test DNS
77 blktrace Block IO tracer
78 bluez Bluetooth Stack for Linux
79 bluez-firmware Bluetooth(TM) Firmware
80 boost-license Boost License
81 bootsplash Graphical System Boot Utilities
82 bootsplash-branding-upstream Unbranded Bootsplash Theme
83 branding-upstream SuSE Brand File Supplementing Upstream Look and Feel
84 bundle-lang-common-de Translations for a Group of Programs
85 bundle-lang-common-en Translations for a Group of Programs
86 bundle-lang-kde-de Translations for a group of KDE applications
87 bundle-lang-kde-en Translations for a group of KDE applications
88 bzip2 A Program for Compressing Files
89 cabextract A Program to Extract Microsoft Cabinet Files
90 cairo Vector Graphics Library with Cross-Device Output Support
91 cdparanoia A Program for Extracting, Verifying, and Fixing Audio Tracks->
92 cdrdao Write CD-Rs in Disk-At-Once Mode
93 cdrkit-cdrtools-compat Tool for Writing CDRs - cdrtools compatibility package
94 check Unit Test Framework for C
95 checkmedia Check Installation Media
96 chmlib A library for dealing with ITSS/CHM files
97 choqok Micro-Blogging Client for KDE
98 cifs-mount Mount using the Common Internet File System (CIFS)
99 clicfs Compressed Loop Image Container
100 clucene-core CLucene is a C++ port of Lucene
101 compiz OpenGL window and compositing manager.
102 compiz-branding-upstream OpenGL window and compositing manager.
103 compiz-fusion-plugins-main Compiz-Fusion community main plugins
104 compiz-kde4 OpenGL window and compositing managerdecorator for kde4
105 compiz-manager A wrapper script to launch Compiz with proper options
106 coreutils GNU Core Utilities
107 cpio A Backup and Archiving Utility
108 cpp The system GNU Preprocessor
109 cpp43 The GCC Preprocessor
110 cracklib Full Dictionary for cracklib
111 cracklib-dict-full A Password-Checking Library
112 cron Cron Daemon
113 cryptsetup Set Up dm-crypt Based Encrypted Block Devices
114 cups The Common UNIX Printing System
115 cups-client CUPS Client Programs
116 cups-libs Libraries for CUPS
117 curl A Tool for Transferring Data from URLs
118 cyrus-sasl Implementation of Cyrus SASL API
119 cyrus-sasl-crammd5 cyrus-sasl plugin for the CRAMMD5 mechanism
120 cyrus-sasl-digestmd5 cyrus-sasl plugin for the DIGESTMD5 mechanism
121 cyrus-sasl-gssapi cyrus-sasl plugin for the GSSAPI mechanism
122 cyrus-sasl-plain cyrus-sasl plugin for the PLAIN mechanism
123 db-utils Command Line tools for Managing Berkeley DB Databases
124 dbus-1 D-Bus Message Bus System
125 dbus-1-glib GLib-based library for using D-Bus
126 dbus-1-python Python bindings for D-Bus
127 dbus-1-qt3 QT3/KDE bindings for D-Bus
128 dbus-1-x11 X11-requiring add-ons for D-Bus
129 dcraw Raw Digital Photo Decoding
130 ddrescue Data Copying in the Presence of I/O Errors
131 dejavu DejaVu Truetype Fonts
132 deltarpm Tools to Create and Apply deltarpms
133 desktop-data-openSUSE SUSE Theme Files for KDE and GNOME
134 desktop-file-utils Utilities for Manipulating Desktop Files
135 device-mapper Device Mapper Tools
136 dhcp Common Files Used by ISC DHCP Software
137 dhcp-client ISC DHCP Client
138 dhcpcd A DHCP Client Daemon
139 dialog Menus and Input Boxes for Shell Scripts
140 diffutils GNU diff Utilities
141 digikam A KDE Photo Manager
142 digikam-lang Languages for package digikam
143 dirmngr A Client for Managing and Downloading CRLs
144 dmraid A Device-Mapper Software RAID Support Tool
145 dnsmasq Lightweight, Easy-to-Configure DNS Forwarder and DHCP Server
146 dolphin KDE File Manager
147 dosfstools Utilities for Making and Checking MS-DOS FAT File Systems on->
148 dvb Tools for Digital (DVB) TV Cards
149 dvd+rw-tools Collection of Tools for Mastering DVD+RW/+R Media
150 e2fsprogs Utilities for the Second Extended File System
151 eject A Program to Eject Media under Software Control
152 elfutils Higher-level library to access ELF
153 enchant Generic Spell Checking Library
154 espeak TTS system for English/German and other languages
155 ethtool Examine and Tune Ethernet-Based Network Interfaces
156 expat XML Parser Toolkit
157 fam File Alteration Monitoring Daemon
158 fbset Framebuffer Configuration Tool
159 fftw3 Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) C Subroutine Library
160 file A Tool to Determine File Types
161 filesystem Basic Directory Layout
162 fillup Tool for Merging Config Files
163 findutils GNU find--Finding Files
164 fontconfig Library for Font Configuration
165 fonts-config Configures Fonts for X Windows and other applications
166 foomatic-filters Filter Scripts Used by Printer Spoolers
167 freeglut Freely licensed alternative to the GLUT library
168 freetype2 A TrueType Font Library
169 fuse User space File System
170 gawk GNU awk
171 gconf2 The GNOME 2.x Desktop Configuration Database System
172 gdb The GNU Debugger
173 gdbm GNU Database Routines
174 genisoimage A program for creating CDs in Linux
175 gettext-runtime Tools for Native Language Support (NLS)
176 gfxboot Graphical Boot Logo for GRUB, LILO and SYSLINUX
177 gfxboot-branding-upstream gfxboot upstream theme
178 ggz The GGZ project makes free online gaming possible
179 ggz-client-libs The GGZ project makes free online gaming possible
180 ghostscript-fonts-std Standard Fonts for Ghostscript
181 ghostscript-library Necessary Files for Running Ghostscript
182 ghostscript-x11 Ghostscript for the X Window System
183 giflib A Library for Working with GIF Images
184 glib2 A Library with Convenient Functions Written in C
185 glib2-branding-upstream Definition of GNOME Default Applications
186 glibc Standard Shared Libraries (from the GNU C Library)
187 glibc-locale Locale Data for Localized Programs
188 gmp The GNU MP Library
189 gnokii Nokia Connectivity Program
190 gnome-vfs2 The GNOME 2.x Desktop Virtual File System Libraries
191 gnutls The GNU Transport Layer Security Library
192 gpart Tool That Can Guess a Lost Partition Table
193 gpg2 GnuPG 2
194 gpgme A Library Designed to Give Applications Easy Access to GnuPG
195 gpm Console Mouse Support
196 gpsd Service daemon for mediating access to a GPS
197 grep Print lines matching a pattern
198 groff GNU troff Document Formatting System
199 grub Grand Unified Boot Loader
200 gstreamer-0_10 Streaming-Media Framework Runtime
201 gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base GStreamer Streaming-Media Framework Plug-Ins
202 gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good GStreamer Streaming-Media Framework Plug-Ins
203 gstreamer-0_10-schroedinger Library for decoding and encoding video in the Dirac format
204 gstreamer-0_10-utils Streaming-Media Framework Runtime
205 gstreamer-utils Streaming-Media Framework Runtime
206 gtk2 Library for Creation of Graphical User Interfaces (version 2)
207 gtk2-branding-upstream Library for Creation of Graphical User Interfaces (version 2)
208 gtk2-engines Engines for GTK2 Themes
209 gtk2-theme-openSUSE openSUSE themes and metathemes for gtk2 and metacity
210 gwenview Simple Image Viewer for KDE
211 gzip GNU Zip Compression Utilities
212 hal Daemon for Collecting Hardware Information
213 hdparm A Program to Get and Set Hard Disk Parameters
214 hicolor-icon-theme Fallback Icon Theme
215 hunspell Hunspell - a spell checker and morphological analyzer library
216 hunspell-tools Hunspell tools
217 hwinfo Hardware Library
218 icedax A CD-Audio Grabbing tool
219 icewm Window Manager with a Taskbar
220 icewm-lite IceWM Window Manager--Lite Version
221 ifnteuro European fonts for the X Window System
222 ifplugd Daemon Activating Network Interfaces on Cable Plug
223 imlib2 Image handling and conversion library.
224 imlib2-loaders Imlib 2 - image loaders
225 info A Stand-Alone Terminal-Based Info Browser
226 info2html Program to Convert Info Pages into HTML Pages
227 input-utils A Set of Utilities for Input Devices
228 insserv A Program to Arrange Initialization Scripts
229 iproute2 Advanced Routing
230 iptables IP Packet Filter Administration
231 iputils IPv4and IPv6 Networking Utilities
232 ipw-firmware Firmware for Intel PRO/Wireless WLAN Cards
233 irda Necessary Tools for Using the Infrared Port
234 iwl3945-ucode Firmware for Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG WLAN Cards
235 iwl4965-ucode Firmware for Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN Cards
236 iwl5000-ucode Firmware for Intel PRO/Wireless 5100 ABGN and 5300 ABGN WLAN->
237 jfsutils IBM JFS Utility Programs
238 jpackage-utils JPackage Utilities
239 jpeg Independent JPEG Group's JPEG Software
240 k3b A Universal CD and DVD Burning Application
241 k3b-lang Languages for package k3b
242 kaddressbook Address Manager
243 kaffeine Xine-Based Multimedia Player
244 kbd Keyboard and Font Utilities
245 kcalc Scientific Calculator
246 kcm_gtk KDE control module for switching GTK+ style
247 kcolorchooser Color Chooser
248 kde-susetranslations SUSE KDE Translations
249 kde3-i18n-de German Translations for KDE
250 kde4-filesystem KDE4 Directory Layout
251 kde4-kgreeter-plugins The KDE Greeter Plugin Components
252 kde4-l10n-de German (de) translations for KDE
253 kde4-webkitpart WebKit render engine for Konqueror
254 kdeartwork4-screensaver KDE screensaver package
255 kdebase3-runtime Runtime Dependencies of KDE3 Applications
256 kdebase4 The Base KDE Apps
257 kdebase4-libkonq KDE Konqueror Libraries
258 kdebase4-nsplugin Netscape plugin support for KDE
259 kdebase4-openSUSE openSUSE KDE Extension
260 kdebase4-openSUSE-lang Languages for package kdebase4-openSUSE
261 kdebase4-runtime The KDE Runtime Components
262 kdebase4-runtime-branding-upstream The KDE Runtime Components
263 kdebase4-session The KDE Session
264 kdebase4-workspace The KDE Workspace Components
265 kdebase4-workspace-branding-respin openSUSE KDE Extension
266 kdebase4-workspace-ksysguardd KDE base package: ksysguard daemon
267 kdebluetooth4 Kdebluetooth4 is the bluetooth framework for KDE4. It adds a->
268 kdegames4 General Data for KDE Games
269 kdegames4-carddecks-default Default Card Decks for KDE Games
270 kdegraphics4 kdegraphics base package
271 kdelibs3 KDE Base Libraries
272 kdelibs3-default-style The default KDE style
273 kdelibs4 KDE Base Libraries
274 kdelibs4-core KDE Base Libraries
275 kdemultimedia4 kdemultimedia base package
276 kdenetwork4-filesharing KDE Network Libraries
277 kdepim4 Base package of kdepim
278 kdepim4-wizards KDE Personal Information Management Wizards
279 kdepimlibs4 KDE PIM Libraries
280 kdm KDE login and display manager
281 kdm-branding-respin KDE login and display manager
282 kdnssd Zeroconf Support for KDE
283 keditbookmarks KDE Bookmark Editor
284 kernel-default The Standard Kernel
285 kernel-default-base Base Modules of the Standard Kernel
286 kernel-default-extra Extra Modules for the Standard Kernel
287 keyutils Linux Key Management Utilities
288 keyutils-libs Key utilities library
289 kfind KDE Find File Utility
290 kgamma Display gamma configuration
291 kget Download Manager
292 kgpg Encryption Tool
293 kinternet SUSE Internet Connect Tool
294 kio_audiocd KDE I/O Slave for Audio CDs
295 kio_iso KIO slave to access ISO images
296 kio_kamera KDE I/O-Slave for Cameras
297 kio_sysinfo System Information KIO-Slave
298 kio_sysinfo-branding-respin System Information KIO-Slave
299 kipi-plugins KDE Plug-Ins for Image Manipulation
300 kipi-plugins-lang Languages for package kipi-plugins
301 klogd The kernel log daemon
302 kmahjongg Mahjongg game
303 kmail Mail Client
304 kmines Minesweeper-like game
305 kmix Sound Mixer
306 knode News Reader
307 knotes Popup Notes
308 kompare File Comparator
309 konqueror KDE File Manager and Browser
310 konqueror-plugins Konqueror Related Addons
311 konqueror-plugins-lang Languages for package konqueror-plugins
312 konsole KDE Terminal
313 kontact Personal Information Manager
314 konversation A User-Friendly IRC Client for KDE
315 konversation-lang Languages for package konversation
316 kopete Instant Messenger
317 kopete-protocol-facebook Facebook Protocol Support for Kopete
318 korganizer Personal Organizer
319 kpartx Manages partition tables on device-mapper devices
320 kpat Patience card game
321 krb5 MIT Kerberos5 Implementation--Libraries
322 krb5-client MIT Kerberos5 implementation - client programs
323 krdc Remote Desktop Connection
324 krecord A Sound Recorder
325 kreversi Reversi board game
326 krfb Desktop Sharing
327 kscd CD Player
328 kscpm KDE Support for SCPM
329 ksnapshot Screen Capture Program
330 ksudoku Generate and Solve Sudoku Puzzles in 2D or 3D
331 ktorrent KDE BitTorrent Client
332 ktorrent-lang Languages for package ktorrent
333 kupdateapplet openSUSE System Updater Applet (KDE4)
334 kupdateapplet-packagekit packagekit plugin for KDE updater applet
335 kwalletmanager Wallet Management Tool
336 kwin KDE Window Manager
337 kwrite KDE Text Editor
338 lcms Utilities for the Little CMS Engine
339 less Text File Browser and Pager Similar to more
340 libFLAC++6 Free Lossless Audio Codec Library
341 libFLAC8 Free Lossless Audio Codec Library
342 libHX13 General-purpose Library
343 libMagickCore1 Viewer and Converter for Images - runtime library
344 libMagickWand1 Viewer and Converter for Images - runtime library
345 libQtWebKit4 Open source Web Browser engine based on Qt4
346 libacl A dynamic library for accessing POSIX Access Control Lists
347 libaio Linux-Native Asynchronous I/O Access Library
348 libakonadi4 PIM Storage Service Libraries
349 libakonadiprotocolinternals1 PIM Storage Service
350 libao A Cross-Platform Audio Output Library
351 libapparmor1 Utility library for AppArmor
352 libarchive2 Programming Library To Create And Read Several Different Str->
353 libart_lgpl Libart Components Licensed under the LGPL
354 libasm1 A collection of utilities and DSOs to handle compiled objects
355 libasound2 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Library
356 libatk-1_0-0 An Accessibility ToolKit
357 libattr A dynamic library for filesystem extended attribute support
358 libavahi-client3 D-BUS Service for Zeroconf and Bonjour
359 libavahi-common3 D-BUS Service for Zeroconf and Bonjour
360 libavahi-core5 D-BUS Service for Zeroconf and Bonjour
361 libavahi-glib1 Glib Bindings for avahi, the D-BUS Service for Zeroconf and ->
362 libblkid1 Filesystem detection library
363 libblocxx6 BloCXX--C++ Framework for Application Development
364 libbluetooth3 Bluetooth Libraries
365 libboost_signals1_36_0 Boost::Signals Runtime Libraries
366 libbz2-1 The bzip2 runtime library
367 libcaca Library for Colour ASCII Art, text mode graphics
368 libcap2 Library for Capabilities (linux-privs) Support
369 libcom_err2 E2fsprogs error reporting library
370 libcompizconfig CompizConfig plugin(ccp) required for compizconfig-settings-->
371 libcryptsetup0 Set Up dm-crypt Based Encrypted Block Devices
372 libcurl4 cURL shared library version 4
373 libdaemon0 Lightweight C library That Eases the Writing of UNIX Daemons
374 libdb-4_5 Berkeley DB Database Library Version 4.5
375 libdbus-1-qt3-0 Qt3 DBus Bindings
376 libdjvulibre21 Libraries of Open Source Implementation of DjVu - djvulibre
377 libdns_sd mDNSResponder Compatibility Package for D-BUS Service for Ze->
378 libdrm Userspace Interface for Kernel DRM Services
379 libdv4 The Quasar DV Codec
380 libdvdread4 Library for Reading DVD Video Images
381 libdw1 Library to access DWARF debugging information
382 libelf1 Library to read and write ELF files
383 libenchant1 Generic Spell Checking Library
384 libepub0 A library for reading ebook files
385 liberation-fonts Liberation Fonts
386 libesd0 A sound daemon for Enlightenment and GNOME
387 libevent-1_4-2 Shared libraries from libevent
388 libexif An EXIF Tag Parsing Library for Digital Cameras
389 libexiv2-4 Library to access image metadata
390 libexpat1 XML Parser Toolkit
391 libext2fs2 Ext2fs libray
392 libfprint0 Library for fingerprint reader support
393 libfreebl3 Freebl library for the Network Security Services
394 libfuse2 Library of FUSE, the User space File System for GNU/Linux an->
395 libgadu Library for Handling of Gadu-Gadu Instant Messaging
396 libgcc43 C compiler runtime library
397 libgcrypt11 The GNU Crypto Library
398 libggz2 The GGZ project makes free online gaming possible
399 libgimpprint Gimp-Print libraries
400 libgio-2_0-0 A Library with Convenient Functions Written in C
401 libgio-fam A Library with Convenient Functions Written in C
402 libglade2 Glade Library Compatible with the GNOME 2.x Desktop Platform
403 libglib-2_0-0 A Library with Convenient Functions Written in C
404 libgmodule-2_0-0 A Library with Convenient Functions Written in C
405 libgnutls26 The GNU Transport Layer Security Library
406 libgobject-2_0-0 A Library with Convenient Functions Written in C
407 libgomp43 The GNU compiler collection OpenMP runtime library
408 libgpg-error0 Library That Defines Common Error Values for All GnuPG Compo->
409 libgpgme11 A Library Designed to give Applications easy Access to GnuPG
410 libgphoto2 A Digital Camera Library
411 libgpod-tools Tools for libgpod
412 libgpod3 Library to Manipulate Songs and Playlists Stored on an iPod
413 libgpod4 Library to Manipulate Songs and Playlists Stored on an iPod
414 libgpod4-lang Languages for package libgpod4
415 libgsf-1-114 GNOME Structured File Library
416 libgssglue1 Generic GSSAPI Library
417 libgstinterfaces-0_10-0 GStreamer Streaming-Media Framework Plug-Ins
418 libgstreamer-0_10-0 Streaming-Media Framework Runtime
419 libgthread-2_0-0 A Library with Convenient Functions Written in C
420 libical0 An Implementation of Basic iCAL Protocols
421 libicu International Components for Unicode (development files)
422 libidl IDL Parsing Library
423 libidn Support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)
424 libieee1284 A Library for Interfacing IEEE 1284-Compatible Devices
425 libjack0 Jack Audio Connection Kit Library
426 libjasper JPEG-2000 library
427 libjpeg JPEG libraries
428 libkcal Calendaring Classes
429 libkcal2 Calendaring Classes
430 libkcddb4 KDE CDDB Library
431 libkcompactdisc4 KDE CD Library
432 libkdcraw7 Shared library interface around dcraw
433 libkde4 KDE Base Libraries
434 libkdecore4 KDE Core Libraries
435 libkdegames4 Library for KDE Games
436 libkdepim4 KDE PIM Libraries
437 libkdepimlibs4 KDE PIM Libraries
438 libkexiv2-7 Library to manipulate picture meta data
439 libkipi6 KDE Image Plug-In Interface
440 libkmime2 Library to read MIME messages
441 libknotificationitem-1-1 KDE Base Libraries
442 libkonq5 KDE Konqueror Libraries
443 libksane0 KDE scan library
444 libksba A X.509 Library
445 libktnef1 Library to read TNEF
446 liblazy1 Liblazy - D-Bus methods provided for convenience
447 liblcms1 Libraries for the Little CMS Engine
448 libldap-2_4-2 OpenLDAP Client Libraries
449 libldapcpp1 C++ API for LDAPv3
450 libloudmouth-1-0 Jabber Client Library Written in C
451 liblpsolve55 A Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) Solver Library
452 libltdl7 Libtool Runtime Library
453 liblzma0 LZMA library
454 liblzmadec0 LZMA decoder library
455 liblzo2-2 A Real-Time Data Compression Library
456 libmng Library for Support of MNG and JNG Formats
457 libmpcdec5 Musepack Audio Decoder
458 libmpfr1 MPFR multiple-precision floating-point computation shared li->
459 libmsn0_1 Reusable, open-source library for MSN Messenger
460 libmtp8 Library for accessing MTP Players
461 libmusicbrainz4 Library That Provides Access to the MusicBrainz Server
462 libmysqlclient_r15 MySQL Shared Libraries
463 libncurses5 The New curses Libraries
464 libncurses6 The New curses Libraries
465 libneon27 An HTTP and WebDAV Client Library
466 libnet A C Library for Portable Packet Creation
467 libnetpbm10 Libraries for the NetPBM (NetPortableBitmap) Graphic Formats
468 libnjb Nomad Jukebox API
469 libnjb5 Nomad Jukebox API
470 libnl Convenience library for kernel netlink sockets
471 libnscd Library to Allow Applications to Communicate with nscd
472 libnsssharedhelper0 Helper functions for sharing NSS database
473 libofa0 Open Fingerprint Architecture Library
474 libogg0 Ogg Bitstream Library
475 liboil Library of Optimized Inner Loops
476 libopenct1 OpenCT Library for Smart Card Readers
477 libopensc2 OpenSC Smart Card Library
478 libopenssl0_9_8 Secure Sockets and Transport Layer Security
479 libotr2 "Off The Record" messaging library toolkit
480 libpackagekit-glib10 Simple software installation management software
481 libpcap0 A Library for Network Sniffers
482 libphonon4 Phonon Multimedia Platform Abstraction
483 libpng12-0 Library for the Portable Network Graphics Format (PNG)
484 libpolkit-qt0 PolicyKit Library Qt Bindings
485 libpoppler-qt4-3 PDF Rendering Library - Qt4 Wrapper
486 libpoppler4 PDF Rendering Library
487 libpulse-browse0 PulseAudio network browsing API
488 libpulse-mainloop-glib0 GLIB 2.0 Main Loop wrapper for PulseAudio
489 libpulse0 Client interface to PulseAudio
490 libpython2_6-1_0 Python Interpreter shared library
491 libqca2 Qt Cryptographic Architecture 2
492 libqimageblitz4 Image Effect Library for KDE
493 libqjson0 QJson is a qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant ->
494 libqt4 C++ Program Library, Core Components
495 libqt4-qt3support C++ Program Library, Core Components
496 libqt4-sql Qt 4 SQL related libraries
497 libqt4-sql-mysql Qt 4 MySQL support
498 libqt4-sql-sqlite Qt 4 sqlite plugin
499 libqt4-x11 Qt 4 GUI related libraries
500 libquicktime A Library for Reading and Writing Quicktime Movie Files
501 libraptor1 Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit
502 librasqal1 Rasqal RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland
503 libreadline5 The Readline Library
504 libredland0 Libraries that provide support for the Resource Description ->
505 libreiserfs ReiserFS File System Access Library
506 librpcsecgss Library Implementing GSSAPI Security for ONC RPC
507 libsamplerate A Sample Rate Converter Library
508 libschroedinger-1_0-0 Library for decoding and encoding video in the Dirac format
509 libselinux1 SELinux library and simple utilities
510 libsensors4 Hardware health monitoring library
511 libsepol1 SELinux binary policy manipulation library
512 libsmbclient0 Samba Client Library
513 libsmbios-bin The "supported" sample binaries that use libsmbios
514 libsmbios2 Libsmbios shared libraries
515 libsndfile A Library to Handle Various Audio File Formats
516 libsoprano4 C++/Qt based interface library for RDF
517 libsoup Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
518 libsoup-2_4-1 Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
519 libspectre1 Library for Rendering PostScript Documents
520 libspeex An Open Source, Patent Free Speech Codec Library
521 libsqlite3-0 Shared libraries for the Embeddable SQL Database Engine
522 libssh3 SSH library
523 libstdc++43 The standard C++ shared library
524 libstrigi0 Lightweight and fast desktop search engine
525 libtag-extras0 Extra plugins for TagLib
526 libtalloc1 Samba talloc Library
527 libtdb1 Samba tdb Library
528 libtheora0 Free Video Codec
529 libtiff3 The Tiff Library (with JPEG and compression support)
530 libtirpc1 Transport Independent RPC Library
531 libtunepimp Library That Provides Access to the MusicBrainz Server
532 libtunepimp5 Library That Provides Access to the MusicBrainz Server
533 libusb-0_1-4 USB Libraries
534 libuuid1 Library to generate UUIDs
535 libvisual Sound Visualization Library
536 libvisual-plugins Sound Visualization Library Plug-Ins
537 libvolume_id1 Dynamic library, which contains functions to get volume ids
538 libvorbis The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
539 libwavpack1 Free Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression Format
540 libwbclient0 Samba libwbclient Library
541 libwpd-0_8-8 Library for Importing WordPerfect (tm) Documents
542 libwps-0_1-1 Library for importing the Microsoft Works word processor fil->
543 libx86 x86 real-mode library
544 libxcrypt Crypt Library for DES, MD5, Blowfish and others
545 libxine1 Video Player with Plug-Ins
546 libxine1-gnome-vfs gnome-vfs plugin for xine
547 libxine1-pulse pulseaudio plugin for xine
548 libxklavier Library with X keyboard related functions
549 libxklavier12 Library with X keyboard related functions
550 libxml2 A Library to Manipulate XML Files
551 libxml2-python Python Bindings for libxml2
552 libxslt XSL Transformation Library
553 libzio A Library for Accessing Compressed Text Files
554 libzip1 C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives
555 libzypp Package, Patch, Pattern, and Product Management
556 licenses License collection as found in the packages of SuSE Linux
557 limal LiMaL--Core Library
558 limal-ca-mgm LiMaL--CA Management Library
559 limal-ca-mgm-perl LiMaL - CA Management Library Perl Bindings
560 limal-nfs-server LiMaL--NFS Server Library
561 limal-nfs-server-perl LiMaL--NFS Server Library Perl Bindings
562 limal-perl LiMaL - Core Library Perl Bindings
563 linux-atm-lib Libraries for ATM
564 lirc Tools for Infrared Receivers
565 login Login Program
566 logrotate Rotate, Compress, Remove, and Mail System Log Files
567 lomoco Tool for setting the special features of some Logitech mice
568 lsscsi List all SCSI devices in the system
569 lukemftp Enhanced FTP Client
570 lvm2 LVM2 Tools
571 lzma A Program for Compressing Files
572 mailx A MIME-Capable Implementation of the mailx Command
573 man A Program for Displaying man Pages
574 marble A generic map viewer
575 marble-data Generic map viewer data
576 master-boot-code i386 Master Boot Record Code
577 mc Midnight Commander
578 mc-lang Midnight Commander
579 mdadm Utility for Configuring MD Setup
580 meanwhile Lotus Sametime Community Client Library
581 memtest86+ Memory Testing Image for x86 Architecture
582 microcode_ctl Microcode Updates for Intel CPUs
583 mingetty Minimal Getty for Virtual Consoles Only
584 mjpegtools MJPEG Video Capture and Processing Tools
585 mkinitrd Creates an Initial RAM Disk Image for Preloading Modules
586 module-init-tools Utilities to Load Modules into the Kernel
587 mozilla-nspr Netscape Portable Runtime
588 mozilla-nss Network Security Services
589 mozilla-xulrunner190 Mozilla Runtime Environment 1.9
590 mozilla-xulrunner191 Mozilla Runtime Environment 1.9.1
591 mpt-firmware Configuration files for autoloading mptctl at boot time
592 mtools Access Files on an MS-DOS File System
593 multipath-tools Tools to Manage Multipathed Devices with the device-mapper
594 myspell-american American Dictionary for MySpell
595 nano Pico Editor Clone with Enhancements
596 ncurses-utils Tools using the new curses libraries
597 ndiswrapper Use Microsoft NDIS Network Drivers for WLAN Cards
598 ndiswrapper-kmp-default Use Microsoft NDIS Network Drivers for WLAN Cards
599 neon An HTTP and WebDAV Client Library
600 net-tools Important Programs for Networking
601 netcat A Simple But Powerful Network Tool
602 netcfg Network Configuration Files in /etc
603 netpbm A Powerful Graphics Conversion Package
604 nfs-client Support Utilities for NFS
605 nfsidmap NFSv4 ID Mapping Library
606 nscd Name Service Caching Daemon
607 nss-mdns Host Name Resolution Via Multicast DNS (Zeroconf) for glibc
608 nss_ldap NSS LDAP Module
609 ntfs-3g Linux NTFS-3G userspace filesystem with full write support
610 ntfsprogs NTFS filesystem libraries and utilities
611 ntp Network Time Protocol daemon (version 4)
612 numlockx Switch on/off or toggle numlock
613 obex-data-server Obex DBus API
614 okteta Hex Editor
615 okular Document Viewer
616 openSUSE-build-key The public gpg key for rpm package signature verification
617 openSUSE-release SuSE release version files
618 openSUSE-release-livecd-kde openSUSE
619 openct OpenCT Tools for Smart Card Readers
620 openldap2-client OpenLDAP Client Utilities
621 openobex Open Source Implementation of the Object Exchange (OBEX) Pro->
622 opensc OpenSC Smart Card Library
623 openslp An OpenSLP Implementation of Service Location Protocol V2
624 openssh Secure Shell Client and Server (Remote Login Program)
625 openssh-askpass A passphrase dialog for OpenSSH and the X Window System
626 openssl Secure Sockets and Transport Layer Security
627 openssl-certs CA certificates for OpenSSL
628 opensuse-codecs-installer Cross platform codec installation for openSUSE
629 orbit2 High-Performance CORBA Object Request Broker
630 oxygen-icon-theme Oxygen Icon Theme
631 pam A Security Tool that Provides Authentication for Applications
632 pam-config Modify common PAM configuration files
633 pam-modules Additional PAM Modules
634 pam_apparmor PAM module to add AppArmor change_hat functionality to sessi->
635 pam_fp PAM module to be used with libfprint
636 pam_krb5 PAM Module for Kerberos Authentication
637 pam_ldap A PAM Module for LDAP Authentication
638 pam_mount A PAM Module that can Mount Volumes for a User Session
639 pango System for Layout and Rendering of Internationalised Text
640 parted GNU partitioner
641 patch GNU patch
642 pciutils PCI-utilities for Kernel version 2.2 and newer
643 pciutils-ids PCI-utilities pci.ids database
644 pcmciautils Utilities for PC-Cards
645 pcre A library for Perl-compatible regular expressions
646 pcsc-lite PCS Smart Cards Library
647 perl The Perl interpreter
648 perl-Bootloader Library for Configuring Boot Loaders
649 perl-Config-Crontab Read/Write Vixie compatible crontab files
650 perl-Crypt-SSLeay perl module that provides LWP https support
651 perl-Crypt-SmbHash perl module Crypt::SmbHash
652 perl-DBD-SQLite The DBD::SQLite is a self contained RDBMS in a DBI driver
653 perl-DBI The Perl Database Interface
654 perl-Digest-HMAC Keyed Hashing for Message Authentication
655 perl-Digest-MD4 RSA MD4 Message Digest Algorithm (Perl Module)
656 perl-Digest-SHA1 A Perl Interface to the SHA-1 Algorithm
657 perl-File-Tail Reading files which are continuously appended
658 perl-HTML-Parser Perl HTML Interface
659 perl-HTML-Tagset Data Tables Useful for Dealing with HTML
660 perl-Net-Daemon Net::Daemon - Perl extension for portable daemons
661 perl-NetxAP Interface to the protocol family IMAP, IMSP, ACAP, and ICAP
662 perl-Parse-RecDescent Perl RecDescent Module
663 perl-PlRPC Perl Extension for Writing PlRPC Servers
664 perl-RPC-XML A set of classes for core data, message and XML handling
665 perl-TermReadKey A Perl Module for Simple Terminal Control
666 perl-TimeDate Perl Modules for Time and Date Calculation
667 perl-URI Perl Interface for URI Objects
668 perl-X500-DN provides an interface for RFC 2253 style DN strings
669 perl-XML-LibXML XML::LibXML Perl Module
670 perl-XML-LibXML-Common XML::LibXML::Common Perl Module
671 perl-XML-NamespaceSupport XML::NamespaceSupport Perl Module
672 perl-XML-Parser XML Parser (Perl Module)
673 perl-XML-SAX XML::SAX Perl Module
674 perl-XML-Simple Easy API to read/write XML (Perl module)
675 perl-XML-Writer A Perl Extension for Writing XML Documents
676 perl-XML-XPath A set of modules for parsing and evaluating XPath statements
677 perl-base The Perl interpreter
678 perl-gettext gettext for perl
679 perl-libapparmor Perl interface for libapparmor functions.
680 perl-libwww-perl Modules Providing a World Wide Web API
681 permissions SUSE Linux Default Permissions
682 phonon Phonon Multimedia Platform Abstraction
683 phonon-backend-gstreamer-0_10 Phonon Multimedia Platform Abstraction
684 pinentry Collection of Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialogs
685 pinentry-qt Collection of Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialogs
686 pkg-config A library management system
687 plasma-addons Additional Plasmoids for KDE Desktop
688 plasma-theme-aya Theme for Plasma
689 plasmoid-quickaccess Quick Access Plasmoid for KDE Desktop
690 pm-profiler Managing power options on servers
691 pm-utils Tools to suspend and hibernate computers
692 pmtools ACPI Debugging Tools
693 polkit-default-privs SUSE PolicyKit default permissions
694 poppler-tools PDF Rendering Library Tools
695 popt A C library for parsing command line parameters
696 postfix A fast, secure, and flexible mailer
697 ppp The Point to Point Protocol for Linux
698 pptp Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Client
699 preload Preloads Files into System Cache for Faster Booting
700 procps ps utilities for /proc
701 psmisc Utilities for managing processes on your system
702 pth GNU Portable Threads
703 pullin-flash-player Placeholder for Adobe Flash PlugIn
704 pullin-fluendo-mp3 Placeholder for Fluendo MP3 Plugin
705 pullin-msttf-fonts Placeholder for MS True Type Fonts
706 pulseaudio A Networked Sound Server
707 pulseaudio-esound-compat ESOUND compatibility for PulseAudio
708 pulseaudio-lang Languages for package pulseaudio
709 pulseaudio-module-bluetooth Bluetooth proximity support for the PulseAudio sound server
710 pulseaudio-module-jack JACK support for the PulseAudio sound server
711 pulseaudio-module-lirc LIRC module for PulseAudio
712 pulseaudio-module-x11 X11 module for PulseAudio
713 pulseaudio-module-zeroconf Zeroconf module for PulseAudio
714 pulseaudio-utils PulseAudio utilities
715 pwdutils Utilities to Manage User and Group Accounts
716 python Python Interpreter
717 python-base Python Interpreter base package
718 python-cairo Python Bindings for Cairo
719 python-gobject2 Python bindings for GObject
720 python-gtk Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set
721 python-kde4 Smoke stand-alone generator for bindings for KDE 4.x libraries
722 python-kdebase4 Python bindings for KDE 4 desktop shell
723 python-numeric A Numerical Extension to Python
724 python-qt4 PyQt - python bindings for Qt 4
725 python-sip SIP tool to use python sip bindings
726 python-urlgrabber A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber
727 python-xml A Python XML Interface
728 qlogic-firmware Firmware files for Qlogic FibreChannel Cards (QLA2XXX Series)
729 qt3 A library for developing applications with graphical user in->
730 qt4-qtscript Qt bindings generator for Qt Script
731 qtcurve-gtk2 QtCurve style for Gtk2
732 qtcurve-kde QtCurve style for KDE
733 qtcurve-kde4 QtCurve style for KDE 4
734 quota Disk Quota System
735 ralink-firmware Firmware for Ralink WLAN cards
736 recode Character Set Converter
737 reiserfs Reiser File System utilities
738 release-notes-openSUSE Most Important Changes for This openSUSE Release
739 rpcbind Transport independent RPC portmapper
740 rpm The RPM Package Manager
741 rsync Replacement for RCP/mirror that has Many More Features
742 ruby An Interpreted Object-Oriented Scripting Language
743 sane-backends SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Scanner Drivers
744 sane-backends-autoconfig USB Scanner Autoconfiguration
745 satsolver-tools A new approach to package dependency solving
746 sax2 SuSE advanced X Window System-configuration
747 sax2-gui SuSE advanced X Window System-configuration GUI
748 sax2-ident SaX2 identity and profile information
749 sax2-libsax SaX management library for X Window System-configuration
750 sax2-libsax-perl Language binding to use libsax with perl
751 sax2-tools X Window System tools for SaX2
752 sbl SuSE blinux
753 scpm System Configuration Profile Management
754 sed A Stream-Oriented Non-Interactive Text Editor
755 setserial A utility for configuring serial ports
756 sg3_utils A collection of tools that send SCSI commands to devices
757 shared-mime-info Shared MIME Database
758 simple-ccsm-kde KDE Simple Settings Manager for Compiz
759 skanlite Scanner Front-End
760 slang A Library for Display Control
761 smartmontools Monitor for S.M.A.R.T. Disks and Devices
762 smolt Hardware Profiler
763 smp_utils Utilities for the SAS Management Protocol (SMP)
764 smpppd SuSE Meta PPP Daemon
765 soprano C++/Qt based interface library for RDF
766 soprano-backend-redland C++/Qt based interface library for RDF
767 splashy A complete user-space boot splash system
768 sqlite2 Embeddable SQL Database Engine
769 sqlite3 Embeddable SQL Database Engine
770 startup-notification Reference Implementation for the Startup-Notification Protocol
771 strace A utility to trace the system calls of a program
772 strigi Lightweight and fast desktop search engine
773 sudo Execute some commands as root
774 sumf SCPM Universal Management Front-End
775 suseRegister Registration Tool
776 susehelp SuSE Help-System (base)
777 susehelp_en SuSE Help System (English)
778 suspend A Set Of Tools To Support Sleep Modes
779 sysconfig The sysconfig scheme
780 sysfsutils System Utilities Package / Libsysfs
781 syslog-ng The new-generation syslog-daemon
782 sysvinit SysV-Style init
783 taglib C++ Library to Parse Metadata in Media Files
784 taglib-extras Extra plugins for TagLib
785 tar GNU implementation of tar ((t)ape (ar)chiver)
786 tcpd A security wrapper for TCP daemons
787 terminfo-base A terminal descriptions database
788 tightvnc A virtual X-Window System server
789 timezone Timezone Descriptions
790 translation-update Translation Updates
791 translation-update-de Translation Updates for German
792 udev A Rule-Based Device Node and Kernel Event Manager
793 ulimit Set system-wide per-process limits (rlimits)
794 unrar A program to extract, test, and view RAR archives
795 unzip A program to unpack compressed files
796 update-alternatives Maintain symbolic links determining default commands
797 usb_modeswitch A mode switching tool for controlling multiple-device USB gear
798 usbutils Tools and libraries for USB devices
799 utempter A privileged helper for utmp and wtmp updates
800 util-linux A collection of basic system utilities
801 uuid-runtime Utilities for the Second Extended File System
802 vim Vi IMproved
803 vim-base Vi IMproved
804 virtualbox-ose-kmp-default Kernel Module for VirtualBox
805 vorbis-tools Ogg Vorbis Tools
806 w3m A text-based WWW browser
807 wdiff Display Word Differences Between Text Files
808 wget A Tool for Mirroring FTP and HTTP Servers
809 wireless-tools Tools for a wireless LAN
810 wodim Tool for Writing CDRs
811 wpa_supplicant WPA supplicant implementation
812 wvdial A PPP dialer
813 wvstreams Network Programming Library in C++
814 x11-input-fujitsu X.Org fujitsu Touchscreen Input Driver
815 x11-input-synaptics X11 input module for synaptics touchpad
816 x11-input-wacom X11 input module for wacom tablet
817 x11-input-wacom-tools Tools for configuration, diagnostic and libraries for Wacom ->
818 x11-tools Tools for the X Window System
819 xalan-j2 Java XSLT processor
820 xaw3d 3D Athena Widgets
821 xdg-menu XDG Menus for WindowMaker and other Window Managers
822 xdg-utils Utilities to uniformly interface desktop environments
823 xerces-j2 Java XML parser
824 xerces-j2-xml-apis APIs subproject of xml-commons
825 xfsprogs Utilities for managing the XFS file system
826 xinetd An 'inetd' with Expanded Functionality
827 xkeyboard-config The X Keyboard Extension
828 xorg-x11 X.Org core and sample applications
829 xorg-x11-Xvnc VNC Server for the X Window System
830 xorg-x11-driver-input X.Org input drivers
831 xorg-x11-driver-video X.Org video drivers
832 xorg-x11-driver-video-radeonhd Driver for AMD GPG (ATI) r5xx/r6xx Chipsets
833 xorg-x11-driver-video-unichrome The Unichrome Project
834 xorg-x11-driver-virtualbox-ose VirtualBox X11 drivers for mouse and video
835 xorg-x11-fonts-core Core Fonts for X.Org
836 xorg-x11-libICE X.Org ICE library
837 xorg-x11-libSM X.Org SM library
838 xorg-x11-libX11 X.Org X11 library
839 xorg-x11-libX11-ccache X.Org compose cache
840 xorg-x11-libXau X.Org Xau library
841 xorg-x11-libXdmcp X.Org Xdmcp library
842 xorg-x11-libXext X.Org Xext library
843 xorg-x11-libXfixes X.Org Xfixes library
844 xorg-x11-libXmu X.Org Xmu library
845 xorg-x11-libXp X.Org Xp library
846 xorg-x11-libXpm X.Org Xpm library
847 xorg-x11-libXprintUtil X.Org XprintUtil library
848 xorg-x11-libXrender X.Org Xrender library
849 xorg-x11-libXt X.Org Xt library
850 xorg-x11-libXv X.Org Xv library
851 xorg-x11-libfontenc X.Org fontenc library
852 xorg-x11-libs Remaining X.Org libraries
853 xorg-x11-libxcb X.Org xcb library
854 xorg-x11-libxkbfile X.Org xkbfile library
855 xorg-x11-server X.Org Server
856 xorg-x11-xauth X authority file utility
857 xstroke Fullscreen gesture recognition for X
858 xterm The basic X terminal program
859 xvkbd Virtual Keyboard for the X Window System
860 yakuake yakuake is a terminal for KDE
861 yast2 YaST2 - Main Package
862 yast2-add-on YaST2 - Add-On media installation code
863 yast2-apparmor YaST2 - Plugins for AppArmor Profile Management
864 yast2-backup YaST2 - System Backup
865 yast2-bootloader YaST2 - Bootloader Configuration
866 yast2-branding-upstream Upstream branding for YaST
867 yast2-control-center YaST2 - Control Center
868 yast2-control-center-qt YaST2 - Control Center (Qt Version)
869 yast2-core YaST2 - Core Libraries
870 yast2-country YaST2 - Country Settings (Language, Keyboard, and Timezone)
871 yast2-country-data YaST2 - Data files for Country settings
872 yast2-fingerprint-reader YaST2 - Fingerprint Reader Configuration
873 yast2-firewall YaST2 - Firewall Configuration
874 yast2-hardware-detection YaST2 - Hardware Detection Interface
875 yast2-inetd YaST2 - Network Services Configuration
876 yast2-installation YaST2 - Installation Parts
877 yast2-irda YaST2 - Infra-Red (IrDA) Access Configuration
878 yast2-iscsi-client YaST2 - iSCSI Client Configuration
879 yast2-kerberos-client YaST2 - Kerberos Client Configuration
880 yast2-ldap YaST2 - LDAP Agent
881 yast2-ldap-client YaST2 - LDAP Client Configuration
882 yast2-libyui YaST2 - User Interface Engine
883 yast2-mail YaST2 - Mail Configuration
884 yast2-metapackage-handler YaST2 - Easy Installation of Add-on RPMs using Metapackages
885 yast2-mouse YaST2 - Mouse Configuration
886 yast2-ncurses YaST2 - Character Based User Interface
887 yast2-ncurses-pkg YaST2 - Character Based Package Manager Frontend
888 yast2-network YaST2 - Network Configuration
889 yast2-nfs-client YaST2 - NFS Configuration
890 yast2-nfs-common YaST2 - NFS Configuration, common parts
891 yast2-nis-client YaST2 - Network Information Services (NIS, YP) Configuration
892 yast2-ntp-client YaST2 - NTP Client Configuration
893 yast2-online-update YaST2 - Online Update (YOU)
894 yast2-online-update-frontend YaST2 - Online Update (YOU)
895 yast2-packager YaST2 - Package Library
896 yast2-pam YaST2 - PAM Agent
897 yast2-perl-bindings YaST2 - Perl Bindings
898 yast2-pkg-bindings YaST2 - Package Manager Access
899 yast2-printer YaST2 - Printer Configuration
900 yast2-profile-manager YaST2 - Profile Configuration
901 yast2-qt YaST2 - Graphical User Interface
902 yast2-qt-pkg YaST2 - Graphical User Interface
903 yast2-repair YaST2 - System Repair Tool
904 yast2-restore YaST2 - System Restore
905 yast2-runlevel YaST2 - Runlevel Editor
906 yast2-samba-client YaST2 - Samba Client Configuration
907 yast2-samba-server YaST2 - Samba Server Configuration
908 yast2-scanner YaST2 - Scanner Configuration
909 yast2-security YaST2 - Security Configuration
910 yast2-slp YaST2 - SLP Agent and Browser
911 yast2-sound YaST2 - Sound Configuration
912 yast2-storage YaST2 - Storage Configuration
913 yast2-storage-lib YaST2 - Storage Configuration Library
914 yast2-sudo YaST2 - sudo configuration
915 yast2-sysconfig YaST2 - Sysconfig Editor
916 yast2-theme-openSUSE YaST2 - Theme (openSUSE)
917 yast2-theme-openSUSE-Oxygen YaST2 - Theme (openSUSE)
918 yast2-trans-de YaST2 - German Translations
919 yast2-trans-en_US YaST2 - American English Translations
920 yast2-trans-stats YaST2 - Translation Statistics
921 yast2-transfer YaST2 - Agent for Various Transfer Protocols
922 yast2-tune YaST2 - Hardware Tuning
923 yast2-tv YaST2 - TV Configuration
924 yast2-update YaST2 - Update
925 yast2-users YaST2 - User and Group Configuration
926 yast2-vm YaST2 - Virtual Machine Installer
927 yast2-x11 YaST2 - X Window System Configuration
928 yast2-xml YaST2 - XML Agent
929 yast2-ycp-ui-bindings YaST2 - YCP Bindings for the YaST2 User Interface Engine
930 yp-tools Network Information Service (YP) client utilities
931 ypbind NIS client daemon
932 zd1211-firmware Firmware for ZD1211 USB WLAN sticks
933 zisofs-tools User tools for zisofs
934 zlib Data Compression Library
935 zypper Command Line Package Management Using Libzypp

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