(MVC) MVC (2012)

Converting a Web Site Project to a Web Application Project

I done this is a small task based on this MS article Walkthrough: Converting a Web Site Project to a Web Application Project in Visual Studio. But this is not so simple task as said MS. Below you can see my way of this task.

Firstly need to create WSP with empty or WebForm pattern, moving all files and doing convert application.

This simple step adding *.Designer.* file to each form and changing compilation procedure, instead old perform aspnet_compiler.exe we have new one.

Next problem is ProfileCommon. I take this file from old project.

But main point with implementation UserProfile is web.config, need to delete old definition and replace is to new one.

Because WAP har root namespace, need to add namespace to any class.

Biggest problem for me in this task was to aware how i can to reference to custom server control, because compiler show only incomprehensible and inexplicable error message in compileTime and runTime.

But finally I have understanding problem and moving custom server control to separate project and reference it as external assembly.

Also task for transformation was be has many other special problem, for example web-reference for external payment gateway was be changed. I solve this problem as directly refer to compiled version or web_reference.

I also done many other steps and as a result of my refactoring I receive assembly with mixed mode - from Net 2.0 to NET 4.0.

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