ASP.NET (snapshot 2017) Microsoft documentation and samples

ASP.NET documentation and samples (snapshot 2017)

I had create snapshot of this MS documentation, because MS is extremely unstable company, MS permanently refuse support various own technologys, own proprietary languages, own ideas. Also any links and contents of pages permanently changes. I see to my pages from 2000-2015 year and nothing survived link to MS site in my pages.

Before publishing I had transform .MD files by Pandoc to HTML-files, and after that I had procesed this articles by my simple MarkDowm parser, its a not correct code, sorry, my priority for preparing this snapshot was economy my time and fastest as possible creating this parser. Also I had marked external links by marker "(xref:)", but not process it currefully. For code Markup I had use manoli-csharpformat (at common, I use this formater as standard formater in all page in my site).

At common my big plan to future will be translate stupid human-unfriendly C# code to more comfortable VB.NET code, but I have no free time, sorry. Maybe, step-by-step, for most interesting articles I will found some time.

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