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Why Microsoft vilified Visual Basic ?

I see a simple reason. Because VB based on C# syntax (C was born in 1978), VB is improving C ancient syntax for RAPID development, in VB we newer will use "+" as adding integer value, as concatenate string and even adding event to class, this is full different conception. In VB we newer use stupid char ";", we newer use reversy to you mind syntax, we newer use ":" as Implement and Inherit keyword simultaneously, this is full different conception in VB, but even experienced C# always confused in this simplest sentences, in VB we always operate with address in memory as address due to keyword AddressOF, in VB we newer confuse what is Delegate, what in Event (because we use keyword AddHandler, Handles and RaiseEvent), any C# programmer differ one this simple one from another with big difficulties. In other side in C# absolutely similar stuff as Property and Method without parameters we can perform with parentheses or without it. Simple idea as dynamic variable was exist since VB was born but this simplest stuff is appear only in last version of stupid C# syntax. In VB Lambda-expression is simplest conception because you always can replace Lambda to AddressOF another function, you always understand difference what is Address of something and what is calling something in memory address, but how is possible to aware what is "=>"? There are thousands improvements, I have no time to enumerate them.

Microsoft said that sour cream and shit from pan is the same, because they has the same fat content and sugar content. No, sorry, VB programmer understand differences between shit and cream, between stupid ancient C syntax and improving this shit syntax in VB.NET. And VB programmers always have understanding reason of Microsoft point of view - big goal of Microsoft is increase price of software in whole world, and than increase MS stock in stock market as leader of software development company. Because in practice VB program can easier for understanding, for example I have program with 300,000 and 600,000 string of my VB code and this my program is still easy to understand by other VB programmer, is any C# programmer can understand 25,000 string of code from other C# programmer?. VB programmer can create program in 10 times faster and cheaper than the same program in C# (look to any freelance venue as proof), but this price reduce of any program in whole world is fully rejected by Microsoft, than MS return to stupid C syntax from 1978 year.

C# programmers is always "follow the rules" programmers, Microsoft rules, rules to increase price of any program. C# programmers has special kind of mind that alwaya obey to any Microsoft rules, master-slave pattern of their mind and relation to Microsoft point of view never can them create really good programs, only programs with maximum price.

Compare C# and VB syntax

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