(MVC) MVC (2020)

TDD in Core Linux (Middleware, IdentityServer, SignalR, Quartz, RabbitMQ, Redis and so on)

Net core Test Driven development is significantly different than TDD of MVC project development I described four years ago Unit-тести для ASP.NET MVC and something testing technique I invented by himself Моя CMS для ASP.NET MVC, and it this page I want to describe new pattern of TDD in Net Core.

At common there are no big difference in 3 big competitor test framework xUnit, nUnit and MSUnitTest, because ant operation is possible to make in any framework - Comparisons testing framework, and full list of testing framework see please in this page Comparisons testing framework (wikipedia). Main difference is how to write to log, how to initialize test environment and so on, but if you use one framework than answer to any your questions about another framework you will receive in seconds by googling.

What benefits and disadvantages of TDD?